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Chain 7mm Din766 Grade 40

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Chain 7mm Din766 Grade 40

7 mm DIN766 is generally suitable for open boats and small yachts up to approximately 6 metres in overall length

Factor in:

  • Displacement : Length ratio
  • Your cruising intentions
  • The anticipated anchorage conditions e.g. depth, seabed holding characteristics, the length of fetch and degree of exposure to prevailing winds
  • The length of chain that will be deployed and any extra scope provided by an anchor warp


The weight and design of anchor Every link is tested to the proof load during the manufacturing process ensuring that each weld has been completed successfully


Grade - 40

Chain Size (mm) - 7 mm

Pitch (mm) - 22.0 mm

Max. outer width (mm) - 23.8 mm

ISO 4565 - No

DIN 766 - Yes

Weight per M (kg) - 1.15 kg

Proof Force (kN) - 16 kN

Minimum breaking force (kN) - 30 kN


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