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Meaco DD8L Junior Dessicant Dehumidifier

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Meaco DD8L Junior Dessicant Dehumidifier

Helps to prevent condensation and damp issues.

For use in flats and smaller homes.

Dryer air will help reduce heating bills.

One of our most popular dehumidifiers.

Two year parts and labour warranty.

Dryer air will help control mould spores and dust mites.

How it works:

The excess water in the air around you (that is the cause of the condensation/mould) and any feeling of a damp chill that you might be suffering from, is drawn into the dehumidifier and passed over a cold coil which forces the excess moisture to condense. The air is blown back into the room both dryer and warmer. The excess water is collected inside the dehumidifiers internal container. When this is full the dehumidifier automatically turns off to prevent spillage.

Energy Saving:


It has been standard within the industry for desiccant dehumidifiers to always run their fan continuously, regardless of the relative humidity. They do this so that they can react to rises in relative humidity and start to dry the air again. This provides a level of accurate dehumidification that is over kill for domestic applications. The alternative provided by most compressor dehumidifiers is for the dehumidifier to turn off when the relative humidity target is reached. This saves energy but does mean that the dehumidifier potentially misses increases in relative humidity and could allow organic materials in the home to absorb the excess moisture and mould to grow.

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